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About Mukul


Curently..we are building a unique platform which beautifully solves the biggest pain point ever for individuals & corporates alike - "Finding & Booking An Apt Venue".. That's just the start..we have multiple projects in pipeline with similar unique concepts solving pain-points in the industries like healthcare, wedding, education, etc..with crystal clear product roadmaps.The founders has a strong background in Technology, Business Strategy, Sales & Operations. We are in the process of building a strong team to start their journey with us at a brisk pace. We are bootstrapped and almost build our first product, however needs an engineer to take it to the next level & smart tweaking in its UI & UX to create an impeccable impact. We are commited to launch it by September 2013.

Do you have it in you ?

-Knowledge and experience of how people interact with different platforms and environments (web, mobile)

- Ability to communicate ideas effectively to the team, and willingness to take open and honest feedback as part of the design process.

- Proficiency in PHP.

- Be highly motivated and well organized, can work independently without much guidance and mentoring

- Can work in Delhi - already there or willing to relocate?

You may reach us at :

(Mukul Mathur) +91 9811949412 @

(Nakul Kapoor) +91 9986899543 @