Pranoy M S , Intern

Mumbai, India

Pranoy is looking for an internship

About Pranoy

Can commit to working

40 hours per week

Dates available

From 05/15/2016 to 07/15/2016


Will consider an unpaid internship

Recent accomplishments

I Have worked in the developement of Healthnote, an EHR cum Medical Insurance platform which was one of the top 3 startup ideas out of 240 teams from all over India in Launchpad IIM Cal 2016. I Have worked with experts like SAUMYAJIT GUHA ,COO Calcutta Angels Network and Michael Koss,Director Global Patient Portal, Melbourne to study and analyse various business models and Operation strategies.
I have worked as Supply Chain analyst at UB Group in summer 2015 where I was involved in a project titled: Improvement of Turn Around Time of Vehicles for Hyderabad and Amapally Distribution Regions, which Diagnosed daily route problems by conducting a survey titled TAT-24hrs amongst 50 drivers of various routes and suggested measures to reduce Transportation Expenditure and net Turn around time . I had also analyzed various processes and recommended modifications & equipment calibrations to enhance operational efficiency in the Automated Production line .
I am also actively involved in the General Championship of IIT Kharagpur, which is a combination of competitive events amongst the various Halls of Residence in the spheres of Technology, Social & Culture and Sports.

My research area is in Human helicases and I believe one day these enzymes could help humans achieve Immoratality .


About Pranoy

Working in a startup feels like an adventure for me.My experience with three of India's growing startups have made me realize how startups are a great paltform to acquire experience and to learn while doing real work in a dynamic environment.According to me in a large company ,with so many employess, it is impossible to have an impact on the business, unless you're in the upper echelon of the executive team.
With limited people and many things that need to be done, a startup is a the ultimate venue for failure, and therefore, learning.
At a startup, no one has the answer. The only way to find an answer is to try new things and adapt based on the results. Startup employees are battle-tested. Each day is a volatile string of highs and lows, with a heavy emphasis on the latter. Stuff breaks. Things go wrong. With that kind of experience, these people are more able to deal with the ebbs and flows of any business.


IIT Kharagpur

Biotechnology engineering

- 2017