Murali Subramani

Bengaluru, India

Murali's Skills
Product Management

About Murali

With 12 years of IT industry experience, I am decided about what I will do next. I would be the first to signup as a technical partner who has an excellent idea to solutionize and has investments or even a great idea is enough. I will partner with you. Technical competencies is what you forget about and concentrate all your efforts in solutionizing the idea. I will back you with all technical expertise needed. This is my 2nd startup experience and I know what happens in a startup. Last experience was precisely that which wanted me to do everything from setting up the office, hire people and run projects, deliver and what not!! I took it up as a challenge and due to which the company is now 40 people strong in 3 years and running a successful business. So don't worry.
I have ideas of my own in the field of analytics and working on it currently, but still I feel I can do more with right set of people who can help in my initiative so that they join me or I join someone with an idea that is equally good. So don't think twice if you feel you have something to bring me onboard or you be my marketing team abroad or have a great idea, then you can contact blindly.