Murali Vivekanandan

Sunnyvale, California, US

Murali's Skills
Product Management

About Murali

I have 17+ years of experience in IT. I have worked on multiple ventures on the Social networking, Enterprise, E-Commerce, Mobile space. I have expertise in Technologies - J2ee/Ruby on Rails/BigData/Mobile/Facebook apps. Proven track record of product development for startups for the past 12+ years.

I have worked in companies like Google, Cisco and Charles Schwab and startups like Valdero,MyCFO.

Founded Ideas2IT Technologies that focus on successfully executing the technology part of a startup idea with a cost structure of a country like India. We leverage the latest in process, technologies and tools to deliver top quality products and services. With 12+ years of experience working on product development, we’ve fine tuned our model that works for high end technology outsourcing.

One of the key ingredients which contribute to the success is having a CTO level person who works closely with the founding team yet is locally present with the development team.

Ideas2IT team is groomed to be a product development team instead of delivering a list of features.

I could do the product development for the startups who do not have a Technical Co-Founder. This allows the other Founder(s) to concentrate on Business/Marketing!