Murat Can Ozdemir

Munich, Germany

Sensors and cognitive devices do not constitute Intelligence alone, but gets the job done.
Murat Can's Skills
Statistical Inference
Mobile Application Development
Life Science
Data Science
Business Intelligence
Technical Advisory
User Experience

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

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About Murat Can

- Ex-remote sensing guy, still have some IoT stuff lying around in the cellar and at home.
- Neuroscientist. Have M.Sc. in Informatics, B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering and Math.
- Proficient in multivariate statistical analysis, data visualization, control theory and data modelling.
- Have experience in deep learning, time series analysis and image processing.
- Spent my bachelor's years organizing my music club at the university, still play the bass guitar and sing.
- Have access to a great insider fundraising community mainly centered around my high school and university alumni.

- I need people who can initiate and maintain business operation, legislation and accounting (and native marketing in Germany). Any of the visionaries out there who would like to blow my mind through big ideas and advices are also welcome.


Man is a rope between beast and overman and must be overcome. - F. Nietzsche