Mush Bahadur

Sydney, Australia

Mush's Skills
Product Management

About Mush

My name is Mushtaq Bahadur (Mush for short) and I am from Wales currently living in Australia. I am the CEO of a startup, a platform that specialises in a new revolutionary technology called iBeacons. These are small devices (3 cm wide) that emit a special low energy bluetooth signal and can last for 3 years on a single tiny battery. Therefore they are perfect for placing anywhere inside and outside and depend on an iphone/android app recognising the signal and doing something eg. display a product offer when near the beacon for 30 seconds, inform a parent if a child moves out of range if you place a beacon on the child etc. etc.

I am at the stage now where I have some initial small clients over the web however I would like to focus on trying to sign up companies especially Advertising Agencies & Hotels. The value proposition for Ad companies is that they can run their own Proximity Marketing Network using iLaunch and place their iBeacons wherever therefore it's possible to perform a completely new type of marketing/advertising campaign for their clients/brands based on the locations & scenarios that are of interest to them. I know they don't have access to this type of technology yet.
The business value to Hotels is that they can get better information about where their guests hangout within their establishment as they activate beacons and therefore offer a more personalised service/offers to each guest based on their micro-location. The opportunities are limitless for iBeacons.

It's early days in the field of iBeacons and there is not much competition, in fact the technology was created by Apple about 10 months ago and they are doing a trial in all their US retail stores. My business model is either based on subscriptions or revenue share based on number of activations per beacon.

I am based in Byron Bay Australia and am currently in the process of creating a global network of Independent iLaunch Sales Partners and am ideally looking for a Sales Co-Founder who could be responsible for this entire aspect of iLaunch.