Mustafa Ahmed

Fort Worth, Texas, US

Passionate Entrepreneur with over 7 years of experience in IT Consulting
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Web & Mobile
Mobile Application Development
Business Development

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Founded 2+ startups

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About Mustafa

I have launched three startups and two of them are in IT. First startup is in consulting IT services where we have offered IT services to several companies. The other startup is an app called WeClip which is in development phase and will be ready to launch in next few months.

Professionally I am warehouse management systems (WMS) consultant where I have consulted several fortune 500 companies. Among them includes, Timken, Best Buy, Coopervision, Monster Inc, Bosch, Accenture and currently I am consulting at Amway in Michigan. I have extensive experience in JDA WMS which is one of the top warehouse management systems in the world.

Because of my passion in Entrepreneurship and skill set in IT I can be one of the most valuable asset in any startup company.

Work Experience


WeClip App

January 2016 - Today

WeClip is the first mobile app that not only provides a collaboration platform for media sharing but also instantly creates beautiful and memorable stories for your events. WeClip automatically applies appropriate themes, to your selected pictures and videos, and creates an awesome edited movie; perfect for sharing.

CTO/CIO - Co-Founder

C.K. Mack

September 2015 - Today

C.K. Mack is an investment platform that offers returns from the cash flow of rented real estate.


University of Wisconsin

Accounting & MIS

2006 - 2010