Mustafa Fanaswala

Vancouver, Canada

Computer Vision Engineer
Mustafa's Skills

About Mustafa

I primarily do desktop development on C++ and Python. I've recently learned how to use Django as a framework for web development.

My strength is as a problem-solver. Doesn't matter what the problem is. I'm able to understand a problem and convert it into a form that is amenable to a programming solution. In the past, these have mostly involved mathematical problems of the sort:

a) How do I find the best way to "fuse" different streams of information to get a higher "resolution" of understanding?

b) How do I find patterns in my data so that I can recognize a certain event?

c) How do I model the source generating my data so that I can ask different queries predicting the future trends of the data being generated?

Work Experience

Researcher and Developer

Eos Systems Inc.

May 2011 - December 2016