Muyiwa Olumide

Los Angeles, California, US

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Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Muyiwa

As the founder of Kewi, a company specialized in technologically enhanced large cup bras, we are introducing a new floating design concept of my invention called the Kewi Bra. Our focus is on creating the most comfortable bra for women cup sizes D and upward. However, in a more broad sense these are women that are marginalized from the fashion world as a whole as most designed clothing do not suffice the needs of larger breasted women. So we are introducing a bra that is both comfortable and fashion forward in a bold way. Our goal is not just to create a new company, but pioneer what I believe to be a new industry.

We receive emails from women all over the world whom have an emotional stake in this project, as they hope it will finally provide an alternative to uncomfortable bras, breast reduction surgery, or even allow them wear the wedding dress or other outfits they always dreamt of for special occasions or basic outings.

I'm looking for an advisor with experience in growing a seed stage company, leading them successfully to exit, developing online business, and experience in the apparel and tech industry.