Mwendwa Anthony

Nairobi, Kenya

Mwendwa's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Mwendwa

I am a technology company founder, running into its 5th year now, the last 3 years being the most active. I have managed to build a software company providing enterprise software to our clients in the East African region. The business is well proven, with great structures, vision, visibility already in place. We are looking to scale and build a wonderful business in the days to come. Personally I have a strong technical background as well as having doubled up as the CEO, Product Manager with a great degree of success so far. I am comfortable and aware of my abilities and weaknesses.

Looking for a creative yet organised individual with ability to consistently build the business from a sales/marketing perspective. Requires a great personality, proven business development background. Quick to learn among the other usual cliches e.g. well balanced emotionally and mentally, thinking out of the box,