Myles Berrio

Athens, Georgia, US

Myles's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Myles

As a student at the University of Georgia, M.I.S. major, I am looking to develop a very artistic, motivated, and well rounded team to bring my new start-up idea to life. I am very passionate about this project, and as well as agreed upon by others, i feel this will revolutionize the experience of social networking and it's positive effects on society. I have spoken with a number of individuals from the CEO of At The Pool, Co-founder of Roomsurf, Co-founder and CEO of Froof. Also planning to speak with the company developers of Grooveshark, twitter, facebook, instagram, Enplug, and more, receiving the most beneficial and effective advice to influence our entire global-social market. If you have any experience in company/start-up advising, program developing, program engineering, start-up design, or simply a network, skill-set in start-ups, and passion to make a difference please contact me.