Myriam Tieba

Ottawa, Canada

Myriam's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Myriam

I'm very energetic and determined. I got the idea, tested it many times, did market research alone with personal interviews and surveys. I have a business advisor and lawyer to back me up. all I need are the competence of a web programmer/developer to built the technical and virtual part of everything. A win-win game for a like minded person.

As an individual I'm very stubborn, I don't give up and I like professional people.
My ideal partner is someone always on time at appointments, keeps its words, do the work, don't cancel last minute, always ready and trustful because this is how I am.

I'm very good at pushing and motivating people. I lead by example. I like perfection and always reach for that. If my partner does not like to work this side of me will be an issue.

finally, I must say that I know my limits and I never try to lost time on things I'm not good at, reason why I'm looking for a partner, a complement to help me build something great and grow with me.