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Naama Jacoby

Queens County, United States
Startup stage
Design, Technical, Sales, Product Management, Marketing, Management, Finance
About myself: Naama has been drawing and designing all her life. From art to graphics to product design, her creative energy and ability have distinguished her. Her career began teaching art to children and as her private business grew, she opened an independent graphics studio. One of her most recognizable designs is the Rav-Bariach logo, marketed in the US as MUL-T-LOCK. Her work attracted the attention of Kesher Barel, the largest advertising firm in Israel, where she became an art director, and part of a team that crated successful marketing/advertising campaigns for financial institutions, soft drink manufacturers, automobiles and political campaigns. Kesher Barel is now a part of McCann World group. After several years of working for the City of New York, Naama is developing a private practice focusing on inventing, designing and testing utilities pro-types that are unique and useful in the everyday lives of households. In addition, Naama do customized products designs and has experienced as a graphic designer for over 30 years. The business I am starting is a line of fashionable house products to organize and help households in their everyday life (e.i. cabinet organizer, food containers, hair color tool). As a partner, I will contribute with prototypes of the products I am designing. The person I am looking for is someone who has good connections in the manufacturing and marketing fields. In addition, the person needs to have excellent writing skill, good connections, and business development background for the business I am creating.

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