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Nadav Levinton


Tel Aviv, , Israel


About Nadav

My intended Consumer & Business Services will not be based on complicated tech, so my future co-founder is to be tech savvy and somewhat experienced, but somebody that I can into this race with knowing is as the potential to be passionate and dedicated about the idea, plus, we will not blow each other's heads off in the process, is more vital.
The product is highly sports related, thus I think a sports (in general) addict would enjoy working on it a hell of a lot more.
There are a lot of database and data + video analysis thus someone with those fields will have an advantage.
I have a few investors already interested and they all (as I) would like to see a quality technical co-founder in the system before they sign there money for this, so availability is also a concern, though I believe it won't be a deal breaker.