Nader O.

West Palm Beach, Florida, US

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Product Management
User Experience

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Nader O.

15+ years of technical experience primarily in startups. I started my career as the first software developer hired in a startup - SQL Financials - that went public. Thereafter, I co-founded a startup - BayPointe Software - that was acquired after 2 years. Finally, I founded and operated a small company - NetUnity Software - for over 12 years in the enterprise portal space.

I'm highly technical but have also managed and lead technical teams. I've helped raise funding from venture capital companies as well as sold products and services to large enterprises. Over the years, I have worn many hats in the software development field but most of the time I worked technically as a developer or architect.

I'm looking build a team of technical and non-technical co-founders (marketing, business, legal) to help me create software products (SaaS) for personal improvement: decision making, life planning, financial planning/management. I want to redefine these applications and bring them into the 21st century by making them simple, smart and connected. The initial focus is decision making which will require some hard thinking and metal bending to make useable. The mission of the company is to help people improves their lives by helping them reach their goals and dreams.

At this time, I'm looking to team up with open minded developers as co-founders but will consider other roles like design, marketing and business development. If you believe in helping people elevate their lives and think you can make a significant contribution, send me a message and we'll take from there.


University of Manitoba

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

1990 - 1990