Nadezda Erokhina

Tomsk, Russia

Nadezda's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Nadezda

We are team of two and we started execution of our idea to build service named SkillPuzzle (just working name). We are family for 15 years and have been working together for past 10 years. Gleb is founder and CEO for several local companies and work as his assistant on marketing, advertising and research field.
Our business is growing and we are too, but due to geographic reasons our business have natural borders which we haven't and thus decide to start project with global idea which allows us to devote ourselves to more meaningfull business.
We expect USA or Canada be the better place to start up but we are ready that's not fast and not easy.
We are looking for senior advisor to help with creating a path for the first stage.
Some funds are available due to business experience and outcomes and that's experience what matters now.