Nadia Agueeva, PMP, PR2P, CSM

Ottawa, Canada

Nadia's Skills
Product Management

About Nadia

I am a project / product manager by trade, and have a background in Computer Science. I love software and would like to work with an equally invested partner on some cool ideas for Android. I am currently coding an Android app on my own, but have a ton of innovative ideas and am willing to explore yours as well.

I am strategically minded, have a good grip on business and operational matters, can organize work flow, can write business plans, have a little experience in marketing, have basic knowledge of finance but can learn more easily. I am interested in also being a developer and am working on learning the Android platform. I also have some UX experience and a talent for driving simplicity and seamlessness in user interface design.

I am looking for another developer who has a deep level of technical knowledge, but who can also complement my skillset. The secondary strengths I would value very much are sales and design.