Nadia Hanessian

Lausanne, Switzerland

Project Manager & Consultant | Your future business co-founder?
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About Nadia

A few months ago, I had an idea for an ICT solution and have started doing market research + built a business plan. I also had the chance to enrol into the Innosuisse startup training - business concept, which helped me get a good sense of the startup ecosystem in Switzerland and an overview of the steps that will have to be completed. From all the market insights I've gathered so far, it looks like there really is a market for that idea and I'd like to jump to the next phase, which is to find a technical cofounder and build an MVP to start raising funds and turn this idea into a startup.

With a background in economics and international management, I'll be your business cofounder.

If you'd like to develop an idea from scratch and are interested in videoconferencing and/or fintech solutions, contact me and let's make this happen!