Nadim's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Nadim

I'm a happily employed professional looking to diversify my career. I have a couple of excellent business ideas and I'm looking to develop them further with a technical partner. This has to be a person willing to go the extra mile and will most probably end up being someone who is in the same region (Arab World) or in the same country (Qatar) as I am.

I'm very easy going and reasonable. I'm of mixed heritage (Russian & Arab) and I have a degree in International Politics and am a candidate for MsC in Public Policy. I have a passion for sports, fitness, music, technology, and innovation.

An ideal candidate would be someone with strong technical skills that can lead product development with me and work with me to conceptualize the product further. As time goes on, the dream is to release a line of products that can really disrupt the market (and make us a lot of money).