Nadine Heimann

Los Angeles, California, US

Nadine's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Nadine

I am starting up a private members social club that will encourage social change by providing collaborative opportunities for talented professionals in the art, filmmaking, creative and philanthropic industries. Target location for True Reflection is Venice or Santa Monica, CA. The projected 15,000 sq ft facility will provide:

• A refined yet artistically inspired space to meet, dine, work or lounge
• State of the art screening room, editing suites and conference room
• Noteworthy events, guest speakers and educational workshops
• A full bar and fine dining from organic local family farms
• An adjacent Retail/ Art Gallery storefront promoting ethical consumerism

I am the Founder and Executive Director of the non profit organization True Connection, and the visionary behind True Reflection. I led HOW (Helping Others Worldwide) 501c3 as CEO, spearheading marketing, fundraising, operations and programs for 2 years, also developing and implementing a Healing Arts Program for traumatized youth in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

I am looking for a Co-Founder for True Reflection with $5 Million start up, preferably in restaurant or hotel. I am currently working with a small team of highly accomplished business start up mentors, a very credible financial projectionist/ accountant, and building the Executive Committee, a diversified Advisory Board, and an incredible team of managers and 3rd party partners and consultants who will help plan, set up and operate the club.

The financial model is capital efficient and allows staffed accountants and financial advisors to scale the system — increase or decrease membership fees or services, add monthly dues, etc. Joseph, our financial projectionist and accountant, along with the other start up mentors, are finalizing a 7-year financial plan to create a lucrative business model and long-term sustainability. We will be taking the business plans to potential investors when a strong executive team and acclaimed strategic partners are in place.

Please feel free to contact me to view the Executive Summary.