Nadine McKenize

Asheville, North Carolina, US

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About Nadine

The future is no longer IT but rather Permaculture 2.0. Back in the 90's I predicted IT would be HUGE and it exploded beyond anybody's imagination. Now I propose to you Permaculture and agricultural practices that work with nature (not against) will be even bigger than IT ever was. Taking Permaculture to the next level (hence the addition of 2.0) would introduce a solution which incorporates "Lazy Farming" (Smart Farming) and economic viability.

Co-owner of 7 acres of flat, sun drenched, sandy loam, prime farmland in Old Fort, NC (35 min from downtown Asheville, NC). Looking for people who want to share equipment and resources the same way a "shared office space" works.

My farming philosophy is closely aligned with permaculture, market gardening, natural farming, and organic farming practices.


Figure out the boundaries, smash them, and re-invent something better. - me

Work Experience

IT Lackey

Several Fortune 500 Companies in the Continental US

January 1993 - December 2017

Blah-blah-blah working as lackey for fortune 500 companies in IT sector. Bottom line - not important to our future or our children's future.

Co-working Space

7 acres in Old Fort, NC.

2015 - 2018