Naeem Ahmad

Phoenix, Arizona, US

Naeem's Skills
Product Management

About Naeem

Hi, I am an experienced web developer. I created a web application that connects college/university students who are stuck and need assignment/exam help to other students who are subject experts and can help for a little extra money. This is a unique idea. The website is different from other tutoring websites who focus on long term tutoring and are mostly geared towards under high school students (Please contact me for full detail). The website is up and running. Now I need to advertise the website to college/university students. I need to pair up with a marketing guru who knows how to do aggressive and relentless advertising online and in person. The website will also need angel investment for which my potential partner and I can work together. I am also open to team up with another established tech company that can provide help in these areas where I lack. So far no other website solves the problem my website does (certainly not any well known website), so this idea certainly has a great potential if it kicks off.
I look forward to hearing from you.