Naguib Ihab

Sydney, Australia

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Product Management

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First time founder

About Naguib

About me:
I am a 2012 Computer science graduate, my main focus is software solutions with all its aspects web based and mobile based, I came to Australia in early 2013 and now I'm working as a full time employee in a software product company as PHP developer.

About my business:
In early 2014 I started my own software solutions business:, I started by making mobile websites for websites that didn't have ones, I also made response websites for some clients and now I am focusing on making web-based and mobile based software solutions, where the client would approach me with an idea of a solution that would fill a gap in a certain business or industry and I develop all aspects of it.

I use freelancers offshore often but with the experience I gained in the past two years I am able to pick the right people and now I have a small team of developers that I can rely on to work with me.
The reason I use freelancers is because of time, I am running side to side with my full time job, however I am always reluctant about accepting a project I can't do myself and fully relying on someone else, so I'm always accepting projects that I'm fully capable of doing myself but do not have the luxury if time, and thus I hire offshore freelancers but I still follow their work bit by bit, test it, read their code, and enhance it when I can.
There's another side for my business which I started recently but haven't resulted in any profit yet which is SaaS products, if you take a look at you'll see my first SaaS product, ask me about it for more details to what I'm planning to do with that and future products.

My weaknesses & why do I need a partner:
1. Marketing and more projects: I have no experience in business development or in marketing, so far all my clients have came through references, each one would bring me another one, but I want to take it to the next level and get more projects and more clients.
2. Pricing and business plan: This is my first business and I'm not a huge risk taker, I take risks when I can afford them but I need a person with experience who can put down a business plan and expectations for the years to come and milestones that can be followed, and also be bold about the pricing, one of the reasons I have not grown much is because I have been trying to compete with outsourced development and thus lowered my prices to the ground to the point where I am making very little profit, I am looking forward to turn that around.

Contact me via the chat option and we can chat over a coffee in the CBD.


Cairo university in Egypt

Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology

2012 - 2012