Bronxville, New York, US

NAIM's Skills
Product Management

About NAIM

I am a software Architect and a very Senior Developer, so I am looking for opportunity to build solutions, software, etc.
Have experience around Enterprise Architecture, J2EE, MDA, Data Modeling, MDM, MDA, etc.
• Over 20 years of technology experience in various roles such as Enterprise Architect, Chief Architect, Senior Solution Architect.
• Experience in product development using methodologies such as RUP, CMM, MDA, MDD, and Agile
• Experience in architecture design, strategy implementation using technologies such as SOA
• RIA - Rich Internet application expert
• MDA - Model Driven Architecture expert
• EDA - Event Driven Architecture expert
• Experience in Master Data, Data Architecture, Data Modeling.
• Financial services domain knowledge
• SOA Design Principles, SOA Design Patterns
• Design Principles, Design Patterns
• Master Data Management

• SOA/J2EE Application Architecture, Enterprise Database
• Data Modeling
• Web 2.0 Technologies
• J2EE, JMS, JDBC, MyBatis, iBatis 3
• Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, Adobe RIA technologies.
• Spring 3, JPA 2.0, iBatis3, OSGi, XPath
• IBM Cloud, Hibernate, Database Modeling, UML 2.0, JMX, JMS, JSF, JSP, Java, EJB 3.1
• Spring Batch, Quartz, Jasper Reports, BPM, jBPM, JAXB
• WebSphere, IBM WPS, Weblogic, GlassFish, JBoss, Tomcat
• Web Services (REST and SOAP)
• Oracle, UDB, Sybase, MySQL, Informix