Nainesh Pandya

Ahmedabad, India

Co - Founder at Webcluesinfotech
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Business Development
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Business Development

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About Nainesh

I'm a hard working, objective orientated individual. I believe any work place limitations are only temporary and with enough effort and thirst for knowledge, all can be achieved. I also believe that one must find a balance between working hard and working smart.

Principal focus on Sales, Client Management, Negotiation, Marketing and Business Development functions, with exceptional knowledge in all of the above skills, beyond what you usually find in an executive with a Sales/Marketing background.

Specialties: Sales Channel Development, Marketing and Customer Relation Management Skills, Sales Management, Project Management.


“Few minds wear out; more rust out.” - — Christian N. Bovee

Work Experience

Co - Founder


January 2014 - Today

Data EximIT is established on the ideology to deliver smart, effective solutions to various businesses. Our team believes in providing successful solutions to different industries in various fields of Web Development, Mobile App Development, Branding, Design and cloud computing.

Co - Founder


March 2014 - Today

WebClues Infotech is an innovative IT company built with passion and creativity. We are meant to deliver effective and successful solutions to different sizes of businesses. Right from startups to large enterprises, we are having different IT solutions for different industries. Web development, branding, cloud computing,Web design, Mobile app development are some of our remarkable expertise.

Board Member/ Co - Founder


March 2017 - Today

We believe that the power of ideas can transform the world and every successful business was first a business idea. In this digital age, our ideas turn out to be the best when supported by all emerging technologies. Blockchain Technology is one such idea that is quickly disrupting the way things are done online. It is the next step to a completely decentralized structure of sharing information. Its implications for all enterprises are still being explored as it is leveraged for more and more industries each new day.Above is the technology that is been promoted by Codezeros.