Nalin Gupta

Bengaluru, India

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About Nalin

I am passionate about robotics, especially self driving cars. Since the first time I saw a documentary on DARPA Great Robot Race about self driving cars (this was before I even entered into college), I can crazy about building such intelligent robots. My personal mission is to develop autonomous cars that can drive themselves better than human beings.

I graduated from IIT Kharagpur last year, where I founded Autonomous Ground Vehicle research group. It is now under Center for Robotics at IIT Kharagpur, has 30 members strength and is funded to the tune of $400K from the institute.

Now that I have graduated, I am continuing working on my passion in form of start-up (named Auro Robotics) around self driving cars. We developed a prototype on a dunebuggy vehicle and ran it semi-autonomously on campus roads. We are currently a very small team, and are looking for passionate people who might be interested in joining us, even at co-founder level. Mostly I am inclined towards getting in touch with a technical co-founder.

You can see our test drive videos (made in March 2014) at


IIT Kharagpur

B-tech, M tech

2013 - 2013