Nancy Cao

Business Development, Marketing, Product Management

Oakland, California, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Nancy

I really, actually care about making the world a better place! To me, that means with greater opportunity for all, regardless of where you grew up or your family circumstances.

I am seeking opportunities to use technology to improve the financial lives of everyday, low and middle income households. Currently, I am exploring the idea of a financial management product for freelancers, am I'm looking for an experienced engineer to join me. The product concept has already taken a couple of turns, so I am still seeking the "truth" there and am open to exploring other populations and ideas.

What I bring to the table: relentless commitment to solving a true problem, the ability to extract and listen to customers' true stories and needs, a problem-solving mindset, strong communication skills, and the ability to learn and contribute a little bit to every organizational function.

In my professional life, I have hopped around roles and organizations searching a true north on how I want to contribute back to society. I started as an analyst in a global consulting firm, then switched into smaller mission-oriented organizations from there. I helped leading nonprofits, foundations, and companies to rigorously identify and measure the social impact they wanted to have, and tie those outcomes back to operational objectives. Then, I joined a workforce development startup in Nairobi where I designed and launched an employer-based, modularized training program. At Haas, I have been exploring the world of fintech and financial inclusion, and spent this past summer interning with the US small business loans team at Kiva.


Not-a-jerk MBA improving freelancers' finhealth


LAUNCH (UC Berkeley)