Programming, Marketing, Technical

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups


Born in Malaysia, brewed in Tokyo (about 20 years)
#Specifially Looking for Co-Founders in Jakarta, Bandung (Or Indonesia) or Kuala Lumpur or Penang or Vietnam.

?Ideas I wanna work on.

# Idea1: To work on Office Rental Service
# Idea2: To work on Classroom MarketPlace ( for Classroom )
# Idea3: Market place for beauty Market ( for Beauty Market)

Professional Life :
Made 2 startups in Tokyo, both got acquired to publicly listed Japanese companies.

Current Status:
I invest or work with other startups, co-found with others in SEA region. I am looking for people to hang out or work with.

Strongly interested in
1. Indonesia
2. Malaysia/Singapore
3. Vietnam
(4. India)

I can help
1. Mentor
2. Grow your startup
3. Help you get invested
4. Plan or Brainstorm with you.

You can help me
1. Co-Found
2. Tech, Marketer, Operation
3. BizDev

I am interested in Mobile Tech Solutions mainly Fintech, Games and things related to that.
#Meaning = Using Mobile to Change People's Life

I hold a Ph.d in Computer Science with specialities in Search Engine Algorithm, AI(Mainly Machine Learning), Big Data (Mainly Data Mining) Personalization and Recommendation from Japanese University ( A well known Research Facility in Japan)


National Institute of Informatics


2007 - 2007