Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ph.d in Machine Learning, Looking to solve real world problem with Machine Learning
NASENAG's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups


Indian blood born Malaysia, grew up in Tokyo (about 20 years) 
Looking to join a young team for equity or co-founders in this locations
Jakarta, Bandung (Or Indonesia) or Kuala Lumpur or Penang or Vietnam.

I hold a Ph.d in Machine Learning - Artificial Intelligence mainly focusing on user behaviour. I have software development and marketing ( including data science , a/b testing etc) 
Which means I can design, develop, release, manage, growth hack , ab-test and run PDCA cycle. However, I stop coding after 35years old. 

I have successfully build an Artificial Intelligence -Machine Learning Company in Japan and sold in 2008. Been Angel Investor and have few new startups of my own now. I do mentor startups on my free time.

However I am looking for new small and passionate startup to join and work with on my free time. Remote + monthly visit.

I am looking for people looking to solve current real-world problem with Artificial Intelligence - Mainly Machine Learning

I can overlook Development and Marketing ( Please note I am not looking for a Coding Job)

An Ideal startup must be 2-3 members whom are friends and motivated with at least one guy whom are strong in tech. One guy who understand business development. Have a small idea or looking around at potential collaboration and idea.

Professional Life : 
Made 2 startups in Tokyo, both got acquired to publicly listed Japanese companies.

Country I am Strongly interested in

1. Indonesia

2. Malaysia/Singapore

3. Vietnam 

4. India
# Eastern Europe

This are the startups I am working on right now if you are interested to join for equity please contact me.
1. GOCODE ( is a kids coding academy in Malaysia and will expand to South East Asia
2. is a Japanese premier e-commerce platform selling Japanese products online
3. - AI / Blockchain Consultancy Company ( still in progress)
4. - Mobile Game Development Company.


National Institute of Informatics


2004 - 2007