nasenag's Skills
Product Management

About nasenag

Hi Guys, I did 2 startups in the pass both successfully exited, now I either mentor around 6 startups in various places, or I help to co-found startups.

I prefer to work with ideas proven in other sector or location and implement to local market. ( That way the problem is proven we just focus on implementation and marketing)

I am now interested about India Startup Scene and looking for opportunities in Bangalore / Hyderabad India.(Maybe Mumbai and Delhi other places in India also Welcome)

My Expertise
SEO, SEM, Data Mining, AI (Ph.d) , Internet Marketing, Web Service and Mobile Service.
I don't code this days but I hold Ph.d in Computer Science.

Coding Background:Rails,Php -- However I don't code this days! Because I am too busy ( Don't Request me to be CTO, Technical Co-Founder or something)

I am interested or can help in this few sectors.
1. Gaming (Good At)
2. Fintech,Edu Tech,Mobile Apps, WebService ( High Interest)
3. BigDataMining (Low Interest but my Ph.d is towards Data Mining)

I got more then 20 years software development experience.

## I do small round of angel investments however I am not really doing investment in 2016-2017, rather co-found with you guys.

I am looking for few technical background person. Lets have fun.