Nash Lincoln

Oakland, California, US

Nash's Skills
Product Management

About Nash

I've been a full stack developer for 5 years and started doing serious mobile dev about a year ago. I have explored a lot of ideas and the different mobile technologies required to implement them. After some consultation and informal pitching, I chose one idea to pursue at least as far as releasing an MVP. My product is a simple idea backed by some not so simple tech; using a combination of geolocation, augmented reality and user generated content. My MVP is about half done and I will be releasing an app for Android by the end of the year. I have experience with lean startup ideas at a company advised by Eric Reis. I also have some good connections to potential advisors and VCs.

I'm looking for people who are serious and passionate about building products people want/need to use; whether it's on the technical, design, marketing or biz dev.