Nash Ryker

Longmont, Colorado, US

Nash's Skills
Business Development

About Nash

I have a wide range of technical and business development skills, including: b2b sales, marketing, corporate negotiations, website development, mobile app development.

I just launched a new b2b business in the mobile app development space that offers high profit margins, recurring revenue and massive scalability. Currently I'm seeking the right person to partner up with to help me take this company to 6 and 7 figures. Mainly I'm looking for someone with some good business strategy experience, and preferably has access to some working capital for advertising and marketing, as this is the only thing I'm lacking right now that would really launch things forward.

The company, JIVE Mobile Solutions, offers a unique subscription-based pricing model for custom mobile app development for small businesses, which eliminates the high barrier-to-entry for those who would benefit from having a mobile app but cannot invest multiple thousands upfront.

The apps are built with a marketing focus, and our target market includes all types of small-medium size businesses (and even non-profit organizations) who desire to boost sales, improve customer loyalty, and develop a deeper relationship with their audience.

The untapped potential is huge since most small businesses (and non-profits) have avoided mobile apps as a marketing tool because of the high upfront costs typically associated with app development. We are their affordable solution.

I do have a successful track record with a similar business model, which resulted in a major software company acquiring my company and customer base at the end of 2014.