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About paris

I am trying to bring a 50 year family recipe to market. I have tested samples and done my research on what is out there and for the past three months, it does not exist in this market. I am excited to bring this to market! I have 20 years of experience in corporate, education, consulting and business combined My strengths are process and project management. I love to make things better. I need to gain some expertise in the food manufacturing of sauces (fresh) and need guidance in a business plan. Also in marketing and branding. I could just start selling it but I think this is much bigger than me and would be interested to learn more and do it right. Go slow to go fast philosophy. The mint chutney is fresh, locally made and so far everyone loves it. It can be used with all cuisines, as a marinade and just as a dip. It also has antioxidant ingredients! And mint is a great digestive cleanser. I am looking for help both in expertise and funding. My long term goal is to open up an Ayurvedic products line here in Nashville. There are only two practicing practitioners. I would like to be the third and the most unique educating the South of the healing art of Ayurveda - a holistic system of health which is 4000 years old from India. And the tie in with mint chutney (savory not sweet) is that all the body types benefit from mint! Therefore the mint chutney is just the beginning. There is possibilities for herbs, teas, spices, music, scents, etc to tie in with Ayurvedic principles. I fell the Nashville market is more than ready to learn about new ways to health and wellness and trying out new culinary experiences! Would love to discuss my future plans in person.
Thank you kindly.

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