Natasha Giliberti

Kings County, New York, US

Natasha's Skills
Business Development

About Natasha

I'm is a passionate, creative, free spirit based in Brooklyn, New York. When I was 22 I saw saw an energy healer /psychic who told me that my mission in life would be to connect people and that it would somehow involve music. Years later, the idea of jammr came to me.

In a nutshell, Jammr is like Grindr or Tinder but for musicians who want to jam; its a way for musicians to connect with jamming buddies that they aren't finding in real life. It all started when I realized my father, a former professional musician, was paying for a bass lesson he didn't need just so that he would have someone to jam with.

I come from a creative background in film/ video production, and have very experience with the technical aspects of web development. I've created a blueprint for an MVP and am talking to several different programmers about possibly building it, but I'm realizing more and more that I need some sort of technical co-founder with knowledge of web/mobile development. Ideally it would be someone who is as passionate about jamming and the joy of collaborating through music as I am!

Experience with corporate structure and raising capital would also be a huge plus!

Come help me spread the joy of jamming by creating a global network of jammrs!