Nate Aune

San Francisco, California, US

Nate's Skills
Product Management

About Nate

I have many interests but one that I’m truly passionate about is elevating the open source software ecosystem. I’ve observed that there is a huge gap between those who make open source and those who want to use it. Appsembler is a manifestation of my vision to bridge this gap and provide a platform to bring together the sellers and buyers of the software.

We help developers by transforming their software into a SaaS product that they can go to market with, and we help the business consumer by making it easy for them to find, try and buy innovative software.

Recently, one of the software applications that we’ve been working with is getting a lot of traction among universities, so we’re putting a lot of energy into the EdTech space. I’m exploring the idea of an service that would provide universities with an appstore, similar to the iTunes appstore but with EdTech web and mobile applications that faculty and students could try out with 1-click.

I have a very strong background in technology, having worked as a web developer in many companies, starting my own web consulting firm in 2004, and most recently founded Appsembler. As a founder of two companies, I’ve had to wear a lot of hats. I’ve sold web solutions to Harvard, Oxfam, UNICEF, Smithsonian and many startups. I’ve served on the Plone Foundation board for 3 years. I’ve recruited, hired and managed teams of designers and developers in 6 countries. I’ve run the Boston Django users group for the last 3 years and grew the members to 700. I’ve given pitches to investors, spoken at major conferences, and participated in two startup accelerator programs (Techstars and MassChallenge), and starting Mozilla's WebFwd in February 2013.

I have a keen sense for finding innovative technology and using the best tool for the job. I’m good at identifying and recruiting top talent. I’m open-minded and think on my feet. I’m persistent, hardworking and embrace change. I get things done and I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and do the dirty work.


Pacific Lutheran University

Computer Science

1995 - 1995

Berklee College of Music

Jazz performance

1999 - 1999