Nate Fell Fell

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Nate Fell

Looking for a technical partner who can help me build a Minimally Viable Product for a sports specific application that pairs Basketball players with one one Basketball coaches. I would prefer someone who has a passion for NBA basketball who has had experience coding for Android applications. MySquad Tech plans on changing the current Coaches driven model (Coaches Schedule, high price) to a Player driven model (Players schedule, low price). I currently have a team of 15 coaches who can not wait to get out their and start working with our players who expect the best one on one coaching.
If you are looking to build a company, from MVP to top application, and have a passion for basketball lets talk. I am located in Kenosha Wisconsin but thanks to the web I am willing to work with you if you are located anywhere in the Midwest.
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