Nate Mega

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

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About Nate

Founder & CEO | Karma App Studio Inc.

Looking for talented, creative and highly motivated Interns to work with me in a hot, global app startup.

Please contact me for more info. Thank you and good luck.

Nate has over 20 years experience in the computer industry. He got his first computer, an Apple IIC, in 1984 for his fifth birthday. Since then, Nate has been enamored with computers and what they are capable of. Nate is passionate about innovation, ideation, disruption, the creative process, front end development, UI, UX, graphic design, strategy, branding, education, international travel and philanthropy. Nate is a visionary and entrepreneur through and through. When he was 14, he invented an automatic transmission gear for bicycles. When he was 23, Nate started a global sticker company with his best friend. At University, Nate was accepted to both the Fine Art and Business programs, but decided on B School as he figured it would be more practical long-term. Nate revels in large, abstract oil painting, electronica, digital photography and everything Zen. Nate has founded several other companies and is also currently the Founder and CEO of a global travel startup. As CEO of Karma App Studio, Nate leads the team with clear direction and uncanny intuition. Nate is constantly developing fresh, new ideas that transcend the here-and-now and spawn new realms of possibility in groundbreaking and revolutionary ways.

´╗┐We develop originative, beautiful and iconic iOS and Android apps of all kinds.
Our philosophy is: do good and be good. This is the essence of Karma.
Sending out positive, peaceful and loving vibrations to the Universe and beyond.

Karma App Studio develops cutting-edge and dynamic apps that push the boundaries of what is possible. We are technology artists who are passionate about changing the world for the better via our apps. Our brush strokes are in code, our canvas digital and we paint with pixels. We pride ourselves on building world-class apps that are works of art both visually, as well as in form and function. All Karma App Studio apps ultimately seek to delight and surprise the user in novel and exciting ways. Our mission is to develop and deliver scores of quintessential, extraordinary apps. All of our apps exude positive vibrations. What motivates us is to create avant-garde, empowering apps that make a profound and meaningful difference in people's lives. The convergence of art and technology is at the very core of Karma App Studio. Though art has been around many thousands of years since the dawn of our existence, starting with our prehistoric ancestors and their archaic cave paintings, we are just now in the infancy of technology. This is just the tip of the iceberg for technology and the further we venture down this magical path where art and technology coalesce, the further we will forge new ground to invent a more beautiful and inspiring future.

When one begins to see clearly that everything is connected and interwoven - yes absolutely everything - one will begin to realize that their thoughts and actions reverberate far beyond their own world unto the entire planet on which we live, sacred Gaia. Truth speaks to power. One kind deed can change the world. It's a domino/ripple effect of kindness and compassion. Beyond that, once one starts to comprehend the gravity, magnitude and truth that lay nestled deep within ancient Karma, one will begin to elevate into lucid, surreal higher planes of existence. Peace, joy and love only; nothing but good intentions. It cannot be comprehended by mere consciousness alone. To live it and feel it in your heart and your gut and all of your being, that's Karma. As such, the Universe is infinite with infinite possibilities and so too is the infinite power of Karma. Astral manifestations, cosmic destinations.

Karma App Studio currently has 6 massive, innovative and exciting apps in development.

Stay tuned.


With an open mind and a kind heart, anyhing is possible. That's Karma. - Nate Mega