Nathan B. Norris

Scottsdale, Arizona, US

Nathan B.'s Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Nathan B.

I am looking for several experienced data scientist's (preferably with a Hadoop/storm/spark/mahout/madlib background) and an application developer to work on a next generation analytic's engine and application.

The Idea I have created is extremely complex but can be described as:

"VIPs is an all-encompassing and ubiquitous intelligent virtual personal assistant that learns, adapts, and recommends alongside the user to tailor to their everyday needs. It can be accessed on any smartphone, tablet, computer, or gaming device. The whole principle behind VIPs is that its’ functions and features are designed around studying the trends and patterns of the individual users."

Once the original application and customer base is established, the business can grow and expand into a unique consulting service that provides its customers with personalized services.

Anyone who is interested in creating something unlike anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am extremely passionate about this idea and looking for all the help I can get.