Nathan Byun

Fairfax, Virginia, US

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First time founder

About Nathan

Hi, my name is Nathan Byun.
I'm an ex-QC engineer from Hyundai Motor and Georgia Tech alum with BSIE.

With background in system engineering and automotive manufacturing, I have expertise in vehicle design / assembly & manufacturing process, Logistics / Optimization (OR) and Info systems (MIS/ERP).

As a first time entrepreneur I struggled hard for almost a year learning what it takes to turn an idea into a real business. I can do whatever necessary like pitching in front of a crowd, sales & marketing, building business relationship even though I’m an engineer and naturally INTJ type of person.

I'm looking for technical cofounders to build a high-tech automotive IT startup.
The candidate profile I’m seeking is someone who:

1. has extensive degree of experience in enterprise level analytics software development
(firmware / middleware / back-end & big data, cloud systems)
2. is able to interpret & design electrical circuit board for an automotive electrical systems (connected device, embedded systems, sensor-control, etc)

There are several independent contract firms I have partnership with for both HW and SW development, so the primary role of a cofounder would be filling gap between high level ideas and orchestrate some outsourced teams to develop MVP with limited seed funding.

Although I cannot develop enterprise level software myself, I believe I have better understanding in software development than an average non-software engineer without development experience. I understand some conceptual level of Hadoop architecture & MapReduce, have experience coding small scale DB with MySQL, and was part of large scale MIS development project as an end-user & admin of the system. Hence, I may be able to help debugging & testing and even some development with a little guidance.

Currently, I live in Atlanta, GA & Fairfax, VA about 50/50. But I travel frequently in East Coast, and am able to relocate depending on the need.

In addition I'm looking into government funding (SBIR) from either NSF / DoD(OSD) / DoT.
So keep that in mind we may be part of a government contract.

Let me know if you're seriously interested.


Georgia Institute of Technology

Industrial and Systems Engineering

2011 - 2011