Nathan Holm


Business Development

Greenville, South Carolina, US


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About Nathan

Looking to collaborate with talented, innovative people on a difference making idea. I thrive on team, relationship and strategy development to propel companies to sustainable growth. Companies desiring to add a loyal, passionate builder of people, teams and business model growth are the best fit.

I am experienced and passionate in designing strategy, building teams, managing processes to create desired results.The opportunity to serve in leadership positions with both start-ups and established organizations enabled me to refine my communication, relationship, and strategic development skills.


Leader of teams to create meaningful impact

Work Experience

VP - Sales, Service & Marketing

Upward Sports

April 2011 - January 0

Privileged to lead a talented team of 20+ professionals tasked with achieving revenue and margin goals for organizational growth. Some highlights include: Led the start-up of a new division and distribution channel for sports programming. Led the merger and restructure of existing sales, service and marketing teams supporting two different distributions channels into one department that is responsible for generating 85% of all organizational revenue while reducing its operational expenses.

VP of Client Services

Axcept Media

August 2005 - April 2011

Tasked with combining business development and project management to achieve revenue growth targets of an early stage interactive media company. Led the development of clients in new markets such as healthcare and financial services to move away from smaller 'one off' projects into more predictable and larger scale on-going contracts.

CoFouncer & VP of Client Services


January 2008 - April 2011

Launched an interactive communications platform to educate consumers and employers on the benefits of Consumer Directed Health Care (CDHC) and the utilization of it.


St. Cloud State University


1991 - 1995



Pragmatic Marketing


Founders Institute