Nathan LaFratta

Falls Church, Virginia, US

Nathan's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Nathan

I've worked for nearly 10 years as a software engineer in both the .Net and Java worlds. As a consultant, I've worked on various projects including government, non-profit, e-commerce, and healthcare. I am constantly working on my own ideas- often based on my personal experience. I wrote an application for tracking medical finances ( I have recently released the core libraries upon which I build my applications on NuGet ( and I plan to open-source them in the near future. I am passionate about the projects I pursue, always looking for ways to learn new skills (both technical and business), am willing and excited to take on the varying demands of a startup, and enjoy collaborating with people with a similar approach.

I bring a lot of passion to the ideas I pursue. Once I get excited and decide it's an idea worth pursuing, I dive in fully. I bring a lot of technical experience and am a rock-solid software engineer. But I am always aware of the lean, "good enough" approach often needed for a startup to succeed. I am inspired by business-focused books such as The Lean Startup, Duct Tape Marketing, and The Founders Dilemma. As such, I am willing and eager to be involved in the creative and business side of a startup, especially in the early years when everyone needs to play a broader role than they may be used to.

Looking for business development, sales and engineering talent to join our subscription services startup.