Navid S

Toronto, Canada

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Navid's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Navid

I get paid to design products and have founder skills in user experience design and strategy. I have led product innovation for a top medical firm. I have won an award for an application design by the Nielsen Norman group.

I now will change the world of physics and engineering. Our vision is not ethereal, but practical, tangible and achievable. If you are interested in computation, physics, or education then this is the position for you.

The following backgrounds are interesting to us
- advanced physics (someone with strong command of E&M for example)
- computation (theory not just a hacker)
- a curious generalist mind
- if none of the above, someone who works harder than anyone else they know


Brown University

B.Sc. Neuroscience

1995 - 1995

University of Waterloo

Masters, Computer Science

1998 - 1998