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Nawar Alsafar

Business Developer

Atlanta, Georgia, US


About Nawar

Let me apologize upfront for the 3rd person lingo...whatever right?

Nawar has experienced 3 startups + 3 ventures + developed projects valued at $460,000,000. He's worked with McKinsey & Company on lean and product design. He grew up being a lamer/hacker and knows how to code. He's a class A pitcher, excellent with finance, and marketing. He's big on design thinking. He's considered a Growth Hacker. You can find him at the hypepotamus in Tech Square hacking away at the MVP.

I'm seeking a Code Hacker who loves creating great products. If you love product design and are an excellent hacker (front end + back end) and you know Rails. Contact me. If you don't know Rails, its easy and allows you to rapidly build prototypes and products.