Naz Colakoglu

New York, New York, US

Business Development Director
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About Naz

I head up the the BD at wildcard - a boutique Soho/NYC based tech studio with consultants, senior developers and UXUI designers on-shore working strictly with startups. We act as the "interim CTO" for pre-seed, seed, and series A companies before they have established their own reliable tech department.

Where do we differ? We understand your journey. We founded, built, launched and provided ongoing technical support to numerous start-ups, keeping the lights on and the engine humming
We know the tech-space really well, Wildcard is organically embedded in two of the biggest accelerator programs in NYC.

After the launch of your product there will come a time when you might have to choose whether to continue your journey as a product/service company or as a technology company. One of these paths will require you to build and house an internal software development team; the other will require you to stay in a strategic partnership with a software development company.

Wildcard has a proven track record of supporting both paths; we helped our clients’ find, recruit and train the right talent when required; or provided ongoing technology support, keep the lights on and the engine humming. We will be supporting you 100% when you want to / need to make that decision and continue your success with your business.


We love building businesses not just products - Wildcard