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I am founder of a small internet marketing agency and have always had interest in internet, and now more specifically mobile apps because I see the potential in the future. I have a couple of ideas I have always had and I want to bring them to live, I want to build a team that can develop mobile apps. I have a strong finance background and as with things internet, I have taught myself internet advertising and am Google Adwords certified.

Last year I also started learning Java and developing Android apps on udacity.com, I know I still have a long way to go but I believe with the right team to compliment my skills things can work out. Specifically I am looking for people with programming background and mobile apps experience. Right now I am thinking a listings app and the potential market. To put it in perspective African has a population of 1.1 billion and cellphone penetration of 70% and the continent is going all out mobile internet, forget desktop internet. Smartphones are getting cheaper and there is no reason to doubt soon enough 70% of the population will be on smartphones, specifically Android. South America and Asia, I believe its the same phenomenon.

Through my startup I have learnt the challenges of a business and with what I want to venture now I expect challenges to be there. The first challenge is distance, but I dont believe it should stop a venture from going on because we should leverage the power of the internet.

UPDATE 03 Nov 2016:
It's been a year now since the above info and I am venturing into Android apps. I have completed several programs on Udacity.com focusing on app development and also Firebase. I have also launched 2 apps so far to get the hang of it. The first app was very basic, you tap and phone dials an SSD code to check airtime balance, or call network call centre therefore no need to remember SSD numbers. The second one is a telephone directory as an app, one can search for contacts and tap to call. It's a lot of learning and now working on the next version update of the contacts app.


University of Cape Town

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2010 - 2010