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Business Development

About NEED

We’re looking for a CTO, senior, and junior developers who can join our team.

We’re in the very early stages of building a service for the time-poor who need back-up help from trusted resources. Having found an innovative way to build a business around the needs of a person who's overextended and underserved, gives us an awesome opportunity to give them a trusted community of supporters they're unable to build themselves.

Our initial focus is the working mom (lucrative and highly sought after female head of household) - a person with too much on her plate and badly in need of hired help on a daily basis. Our platform is basically a recommendation system built on a trusted network. With a bat-signal-type mechanism that allows her to reach all the people she relies on efficiently, at the exact same time.

The development strategy will be to build things quickly and iteratively. There is a lot to learn as we explore the best way to serve people in this space. We're hoping to hook up with a partner who's interested in working with a really collaborative team that prefers to build, test, and evaluate quickly; someone who might enjoy working with us in this way.

We’re looking to build as soon as we can, trying to hit some aggressive deadlines (to test on closed beta by mid October.) Having already done a bunch of research, we know a lot about this user, so we're in the process of working out the ideal UX/UI. Any help on any of this would be so welcome. Please call us if you'd like to chat or meet up. We're based in Brooklyn.