Neety Rai

Bengaluru, India

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Product Management
Business Development
User Experience

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Neety

Hello there!

Thanks for visiting my profile. I'm currently looking for people to try out ideas, but I'm 'totally' willing to work on great ideas as well!
Please message me if you would like more details or my CV.
I've provided a short summary of what I'm looking for.. hopefully that gives you an idea of my personality too.
It's very important that we get along, after all.

About You:
I'm onto something here and I'm trying to find people who I can discuss with.. hopefully find coworkers to work with and then build the idea. Specifically programmers and process oriented people ( Finance, Legalities etc)

I have been talking to people and taking feedback.. and the most important thing I'd like to see in my co - founder is Hunger.. the Zeal to do things. Build. Break. Rebuild.. Together.
Skills are important, but they aren't worth much if a person isn't motivated enough to DO.

The other factors that would also be great are Approach-ability and Humility.
We should be able to discuss over drinks, and brainstorm randomly.

About Me:
I'm a User Experience designer by trade, but I have a varied range of interests.
By education, I'm a Biotechnology graduate and have a post grad diploma in New Media Design.
I'm an ENFP by personality, and loyal.. a People's person, I love ideating.

About Us:
Let's create a workspace where we can use our natural inclinations and not be defined by titles and background. While we do work for the products we create, let's also look into everyday design problems and try to solve them in our own way. Let's be a super team and do our bit for the world. Are you in? :)



National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

New Media Design

2010 - 2010

M.S. Ramiah College

Bsc Biotechnology

2008 - 2008