Neil Abbott

Monroe, North Carolina, US

Neil's Skills
Product Management

About Neil

I first entered into the professional industry of automotive repair as a means to support myself. I excelled quickly from knowing nothing about cars at the age of 18 to getting praised by peers for accomplishments in some very high profile dealerships a mere 4 years later. I have since chosen to pursue a career in helping others.

My real expertise, I believe, is observing and keeping the big picture in mind. I have a few concepts of which may revolutionize one or two industries. One for the education industry, and the other is for the sports industry. Both involve mainly web developing to launch, with brick and mortar complexes to support the long term implementation.

I have found my concepts to be slow going, as I have tendencies to get more satisfaction from helping others, than I do from helping myself. This specific attribute has led me to post here, with the hopes to help like minded individuals ... individuals looking to make more of a difference than money. Maybe that difference will stem from a Great idea of yours, and my observation skills will aid in its start up? I envision nothing but forward moving successes with the efforts of connecting with like minded people... disregarding who's idea we'd choose to move forward with to achieve success.

I look forward to the replies of which my words have sparked an interest in!