Nellie Morris

San Francisco, California, US

Nellie's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Nellie

We are looking for a third co-founder and lead engineer. We started a consulting firm called Purpose Generation two years ago and have great relationships with our Fortune 500 clients. We learned a lot from what they need and are now in the position to take what we have learned about market research and consumer insights and build our first product, TribeTalk.

We are in need of a software engineer. You'll be one of the leaders of the team, helping to build out a new product from scratch and the direction of the company. As a full stack developer you'll be just as likely to help think through JS in the browser as well as Ruby code on the backend. You'll have a full vision of the system working to build a robust platform that's clearly organized and easy to maintain.

In addition to working with a great team of entrepreneurs, advisors, and clients, you'll get tons of perks:

- Challenge: The opportunity to build a revolutionary market research product in a fast-paced, progressive company is yours for the taking. Game on!
- Startup track record: We have clients and a two year track record. So although we are a startup with a super small and agile team, you will have some security.
- Office: An awesome office space in WeWork Transbay in SOMA plus a beautiful view of the Bay.


Princeton University

Near Eastern Studies

2011 - 2011