Ness Blackbird

Portland, Oregon, US

Ness's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Ness

I'm an experienced developer and entrepreneur. I started Arts People ( with my wife Heather in 2005, who now runs it. It's a profitable company with 25 employees, but I'm feeling a need to branch out. I have an idea for a new website to teach programming, and a prototype which I hope will be ready for beta-testing in summer, 2016. I feel confident that it will shake up the field, possibly even change the labor market as a whole.

I want to pursue this as a values-driven, for-profit business. I'd like to offer the product for free, or nearly free, across the developing world.

I'm seeking a co-founder, someone I can relate to, either another developer or a CEO type. I'm a bit of a mad scientist, and not always easy to get along with, but I'm a nice person and I'll eventually come back and say I'm sorry when I screw up.

I'm completely devoted to this project (that and my family). This is an exciting journey, and I want to have fun along the way.


Marylhurst University

Masters of Psychotherapy and Counselling

1991 - 1991