Marc Brodeur , Founder

Business Developer, Product Manager

New York, New York, US

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About Marc

Hello! I founded and currently run Brode Electrolyte Vitamins, which is like a sports drink, but reinvented as a vitamin tablet. You swallow it with any drink, like you would a multivitamin, and it gives electrolytes and vitamins. No sugars or artificial sweeteners.

I am more of an operations guy. Try as I might--and I've had some success--I am not the right person to crush the marketing of Brode Electrolyte Vitamins. I want to join with a Marketing and PR person such that I can continue to make the operations run silky smooth and the Marketing person can drum up great attention for Brode!

Together, we can grow this to the next awesome stage!

Customers for Brode are largely 21-35 young professionals who use Brode as part of active lifestyle. ~50% for sports and travel hydration, and ~50% for nightlife and drinking hydration. (This demographic is partly a function of whom I am closest to, and have done the most outreach to thus far.)

As of March 2015, gross sales from the website is $2k per month with nearly no marketing. 21% of customers re-order within six months. Average order size is $26. (Roughly) 1/3 of revenue comes from each of: 10-pack individual sales, 10-pack monthly subscriptions, 100-pack case sales. Single pack sales are a small part of overall revenue.

My forward-looking plan is to grow online B2C sales 10X - 100X, while pursuing individual wholesale deals. Once the brand increases recognition and the packaging/messaging is honed, it will be ready for bricks-and-mortar retail with more traditional wholesale and retail partners.

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